European Birding Sites

You are looking for interesting birding sites where you can spend your next weekend or holiday?

Birding sites - Macchia coastBirding sites - Reed beltBirding sites
The list below shows a large selection of European birding sites in Germany, Spain (Mallorca), Austria and France. Photos and videos are to give you a certain impression of the area and help you decide which destination to choose. New sites and videos are being updated regularly.
The videos are recorded at representative locations of the birding area. At spots with panorama view 360 degree recordings are taken, from bird hides mostly 180 degree recordings.
All photographs and videos of the different birding sites are taken and recorded by me and more will be added regularly.  The deliberately short-kept Youtube-videos are of high definition quality (Full HD, 1080p) and can be started by clicking on the orange play symbol. More information about the displayed birding site can be found beneath the running video.

Birding sites - Flowering meadowBirding sites - AlpsNatural variability
Nature and with it the birding sites change their look depending on the time of year, daytime and weather and accordingly the range and concentration of the birds living there changes. So only a small detail of this natural variability can be shown through photos and videos. But they help to get a first impression of a new birding site.

You would like to know more about our wild birds and learn how to recognise and tell them apart? Then join one of my birding workshops or guided tours.
Or have a look at a catalogue of about 350 European bird species.
Please read the note concerning the use of Let’s bird-Videos.

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European Birding SiteVideo / PictureCountryState
Ainring MooriGermanyBavaria
Alcudia MarshlandfSpainMajorca
Amper MooriGermanyBavaria
Cap de FormentoriSpainMajorca
Danube Swampland, Lake MooswaldiGermanyBavaria
Danube, AholfingiGermanyBavaria
Eching ReservoiriGermanyBavaria
Ermita de BetlemiSpainMajorca
Garchinger HeideiGermanyBavaria
Havelländisches Luch, BuckowiGermanyBrandenburg
Hochallgäu, Hintersteiner TaliGermanyBavaria
High Black Forest, LotharpfadiGermanyBaden-Wurttemberg
Isar River Mouth (at the Danube)iGermanyBavaria
Ismaninger Reservoir and FishpondsiGermanyBavaria
Lake AltmühliGermanyBavaria
Lake Ammer, Ammer River MouthiGermanyBavaria
Lake Constance, BregenzerachmündungiAustria
Lake Constance, Wollmatinger RiediGermanyBaden-Wurttemberg
Lake FederiGermanyBaden-Wurttemberg
Lake ForggeniGermanyBavaria
Lake GülpeiGermanyBrandenburg
Lake IllasbergiGermanyBavaria
Lake KocheliGermanyBavaria
Lake Neusiedl, GeiselstelleriAustriaBurgenland
Lake Neusiedl, SandeckiAustriaBurgenland
Lake Neusiedl, WeideniAustriaBurgenland
Lake Neusiedl, ZicklackeiAustriaBurgenland
Lake StarnbergiGermanyBavaria
Limburg an der TeckiGermanyBaden-Wurttemberg
Lluc SanctuaryiSpainMajorca
Lower River Inn, EglseeiGermanyBavaria
Lower River Inn, Staustufe EringiGermanyBavaria
Maisacher SeezGermanyBavaria
Murnau MooriGermanyBavaria
Parey, HavelarchefGermanyBrandenburg
Parey, HavelpolderfGermanyBrandenburg
Petite CamargueiFranceAlsace
Plattling, ZuckerteicheiGermanyBavaria
Premer LechseeiGermanyBavaria
Rieselfelder MünsteriGermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Salinas de Levante / Salobrar de CamposfSpainMajorca
Ses SalinesiSpainMajorca
Son BosciSpainMajorca
Son RealiSpainMajorca
Tennenlohe ForestiGermanyBavaria
Waghäusel (Wagbachniederung)iGermanyBaden-Wurttemberg

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